Promoting world-class excellence and chievement through The Queen's Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education

How to Enter

The Prizes are open to eligible universities and colleges of further education in the UK.  Eligibility to enter is determined by the Trustees.  Institutions are invited to submit a single entry in each round of the scheme, based on any area or aspect of their work.  There is a rigorous process of independent external assessment.  This includes review by national and international experts and specialists in the relevant disciplines; reference to government departments and the UK governments with interests in the work under consideration and to professional and other bodies and sources.

Entries are required to address the criteria published in the Entry Document when participation is invited    The assessment is evidence-based and must be capable of external validation.  In line with the standards for awards made in previous rounds the criteria for the 2016-18, twelfth, round will focus on:

Excellence – why the work is exceptional and merits national recogntion; the track record of the work and how it is planned to develop in the longer term

Innovation – what are the original and distinctive features of the work and how do they contribute to its quality; how does the work differ from similar or comparable work being carried out elsewhere?

Benefit for the institution – how does the work benefit the teaching, learning or research at the institution (the benfits for Uk education)?  

Benefit beyond the institution – what observable, tangible impact (beneficial results and effects) is the work delivering for people and society/humanity at local, regional, national or (if applicable) international level; what action is taken to transfer the knowledge or practice and to what extent is the work has been replicated elsewhere?

The twelfth round assessment process will run from April to September 2017.  The Awards Council will make recommendations in late September 2017 for the award of Queen’s Anniversary Prizes from a shortlist of entries.  The recommendations will be sent to  No.10 for the Prime Minister’s advice to The Queen.  The official announcement of the Prize-winners is expected to be made in November 2017.


The Entry Document for the Queen's Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education 2016-18 (twelfth) Round


The Entry Document for the twelfth round of the Prizes scheme will be sent to institutions by early October 2016 and will be available on the Trust web site (see below).  It will be addressed personally to the head of institution (Vice-Chancellor/Principal).  The Document will contain full details of the scheme's procedures and assessment process, the criteria, the application forms, the Rules of the scheme and the Conditions of Application.


The Entry Document is available as a downloadable Acrobat pdf file here.
The Application Form and the Entry Cover sheet, available here and here, may be completed on the web page and printed off.